Configure AD for Softether

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Re: Configure AD for Softether

Post by Railtracer » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:56 pm

authentication server settings are on a per hub basis, but in the case of windows active directory it is server wide. Assuming you have all administrative rights to do so, the machine running the softether server needs to be joined to the windows active directory. After that, you simply need to change the authentication type of the users in question, or of any new users, to NT Domain Authentication, which can be done right from each users properties inside softethers manage users dialogue. You can also specify an active directory username that is different than the softether users, to ensure that you dont have to recreate softether users that already exist and may have different names. After that softether will query the domain when those users try to authenticate. This means you can run both regular user and password authentication in conjunction with active directory on a per user basis.

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