DNS issue only on every second connect

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DNS issue only on every second connect

Post by Stefan_123456 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:43 pm

Hello guys,

first I would say many thanks for this very cool software and it works for me like a charm.

But there is one issue I do not understand. I use SoftEther on Windows in a normal installation configuration, added with Bridge Mode.
When I connect via "Open VPN for Android" everything works fine. I get an internal IP from my local Fritzbox-Router at home and I can reach my local IP-endpoints and can access them by name. Also I can access public URLs. DNS works fine.

When I disconnect and connect again, I get another IP from my Fritzbox-Router and I can access my local IPs. But DNS is not working.
The Chrome Browser on my Android says:


When I disconnect again and connect again after that, everythink works fine. The issue has effect only every second connection.

Has anyone an idear, what reason this could be?

Why does SoftEther change the Mac-adress every second connect? Can I change the configuration that Softether only use one Mac-adress and so only one IP from my Fritzbox-Router?

Thanks in advance!



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