issues connecting to sites on 192.168.168.XXX

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issues connecting to sites on 192.168.168.XXX

Post by EBPCAcorn » Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:45 am


we have two sites on a 192.168.168.XXX IP but we are having issues with the VPN connection to both sites.

we can connect to site but it isn't assigning us an IP in that range so can only see certain devices. The router that we are patching though is on the same range as above, when we move the IP to 192.168.167.XXX it gives us an appropriate IP in that range.

Is there any issues using 192.168.168.XXX as an IP range?


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Re: issues connecting to sites on 192.168.168.XXX

Post by elheho » Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:06 pm

Hi steve,

i would like some help if that possible

i have two sites one with 192.168.30.*** (site1) and the (site2) is 192.168.40.***,
i can ping on both sites even i can access to client shared files but all that with firewall disabled even the anti virus

my question is what can i do to make the firewall and anti virus allow the client communication

NP: im not using any port forwarding or static route



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