Unable to setup Access Control List on SoftEther

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Unable to setup Access Control List on SoftEther

Post by ruifsp » Fri Feb 26, 2021 10:41 pm


I am fairly new to Softether product. Looks pretty cool, it's very reliable and I like it.

Today it has been giving me trouble.

I have been trying to create an Access Control List that limits a specific user access to a single machine on the network.

I have attached an image that shows my settings... the destination machine is the
the is the DNS and DHCP server on the network side
the is the network switch (followed some posts on the forum, not sure why it matters though)

If I enable the "discard" action line the VPN client will never get a DHCP address from the network side.

If I disable the "discard" rule, connect the baires user with that rule disabled and enable the rule after the user is connected, the user stays connected as expected.

Seems to me the issue is with the DHCP negotiation.

What am I missing? Thank you for your help.
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