SecureNAT Weird Route

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SecureNAT Weird Route

Post by marcosmoraesti » Fri Oct 27, 2023 1:05 am

Hi everyone.
Here is my case i need some help, sorry about my english.

I have already did another SecureNAT in other clients with easy, but in this case its a bit weird, heres the scenario.

My Softether Server, is a Windows Server (, behind a pfSense (, with 2 WANs ( and
The Softether is behind NAT in port 7777 and i already have a HUB with LocalBridge working, but i need to use SecureNAT for security reasons.

The SecureNAT HUB have this SecureNAT DHCP settings:
- Server IP
- Static Route Push:

And now the weirdo happens, when i connect to this HUB, i got the IP
When i do a simples tracert, the first hop is the SecureNAT IP and the second is the pfSense first (default) WAN IP
And then i cant go anywhere.

In others cases , i do the same configuration and works like a charm.
I tried to Google and ChatGPT this case and finally came here for help.

Any ideas ?

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Re: SecureNAT Weird Route

Post by solo » Fri Oct 27, 2023 2:19 am

set DisableKernelModeSecureNAT to 1

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