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Softether Client on MX linux

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:29 am
by stealth
MX linux, is a debian derivative that does "not" use systemd. I believe it uses a modified version of systemVII. In any case, the client passes the "check" test; but, will not proceed amy further. Also, the Windows client will only run under Play-On-Linux, up to the point where I have to select a server, which will not start. The error says there is no network-adapter. The installation will, also, not finnish.

Has anyone managed to install the Windows client, under Wine?

I also want to setup softether-vpn on a hosted vps, under debian 9 or Ubuntu 15 or 16. Which will be better?

After the vps is configured, can I connect to the server, over the Internet, with Connection-Manager, using openVPN? If so, will the vpn connection be softether or openVPN?