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any credentials/no credential VPN login

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 11:24 am
by maxstainer
Hello guys
some of my web portals are integrated through API provided by an Asian software houses that as soon as they receive
a request from an non Asian url, it blocks the use of service.
I know the only way to solve that is a vpn but I am looking for a method to avoid the client ( bowser user )
to configure anything on his pc/mobile phone, so all vpn solutions that requires to insert a user/pass
must be discarded.
I tried to get around the problem by creating a special phonebook.pbk for windows system
already configured and made available to users on a my server url.
Even if the solution is not very binding as the user could download it instead of running the pbk
this solution is not good because the credentials cannot be stored in the phonebook.pbk file.
I am asking you if there is a way to create a VPN that works without entering credentiali or login using any credentials.
We are talking about thousands of users that I personally do not know and cannot even contact individually
all solutions based to communicate users login credentials must be discarded.