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need a way to use softether 1k customers

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 9:34 pm
by bcrowlio
I am using softether for 3 years now, very happy with the software. i had a few issues in years and i want to make this better for me now. when i put softether on a server, when server has over 50 clients, then problems started, cant connect or other issues. in years my solution was to have more servers with limited servers. i think its time to learn load balance. when i tried with clustering, i cant connect to main server. what i want to do is, to have one server to edit and control all users, and they can connect without softether software, just ip address and username pasword. and this server with balance traffic with other servers. i need to learn this not to have problems. i always use secure nat connection but i think i need to learn how to bridge things. any help would be greatful. many thanks