Share printer to cloud VPN

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Share printer to cloud VPN

Post by rcocchiararo » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:27 pm

Hi there

During the pandemic a small office asked for my help (non paid) in order to go from [Server (old pc) + 2 client pcs] to [azure vm (ONG sponsorship) + 2 client notebooks]

After failing with openvpn, a friend presented me with softether, and that did the trick.

Their current setup is:

disable nat-t (also on server config)
port 443
disable dynamic DNS on config
securenat for DHCP serving 10.0.010 to
virtual host network ip
server vpn adapter set to (i could not get azure vm to work with local bridge, i think to understand that it does not work)

Before arriving to that setup (goal being having the least amount of resources used, to save on the azure bill and make sure they don't go over their sponsorship) i had success with:

securenat with virtual nat
Layer 3 switching (i believe)

All was good, until they started workin in the office again.
They need to PRINT with a network printer on the Remote server (they work with RDP).

For some unknown and forsaken reason, RDP printer sharing and the software they use (AF it is called) works with USB printers, but not network ones.

So tried installin another softether server in a free computer, and cascade connect it to the AZure one.
Then i installed the client on itself and checked cloud access, and even connected the 2 local pcs to this server, gaining acces to the cloud too.

Then i installed the priner on this "free" pc, shared it, and installed it on the azure server, buuuut it seems not to print. (still investigating).

What would be the best way to have the azure VM and the local network "be one" ? (using the same ip range?)
I could not get the local bridge to work (only one network card) on this PC, but maybe i did somethin wrong, like not using the same ip range.

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