SoftEther on OpenBSD - crash?

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SoftEther on OpenBSD - crash?

Post by andreasgerd » Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:25 pm


On my VPS, I built and installed softether-vpn-src-5.01.9674.tar.gz on OpenBSD latest ver. 6.8, however, the connection is so slow, and after a short while, I receive "Error (Error Code 13): Time-out occurred during VPN session communication. It is possible the connection from the client to the VPN Server has been disconnected." then I get disconnected.

I just created a test user, and "SecureNATEnable" is enabled by vpncmd. I tried installing "v4.34-9745-stable" as well, nothing changed. (I had to enable SecureNATEnable, because I could connect to my VPN server but had no Internet)

Any idea would be much appreciated,
Thank you.

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