Layer 2 connected but no broadcast possible

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Layer 2 connected but no broadcast possible

Post by itskv » Mon Dec 28, 2020 12:08 pm


I have connected 2 sites using site-to-site bridge connection.
1. System A is VPN server. I have created 1 Loopback adapter and bridged that with virtual hub in SoftEther.
2. System B is remote client. I have created bridge connection between virtual hub and ethernet adapter. Also, created cascade connection in SystemB's virtual hub setting and given VPNAZURE address of SystemA server.

Hence, I have created Layer2 connection. I can PING or connect to SystemB's LAN equipments from SystemA server. I can do arp-ping also. But, I am unable to get broadcast packets from SystemB to SystemA. i.e it seems only Layer3 is getting routed and not Layer2.

Complete infrastucture is Windows 10 pro. No firewall or antivirus.

Plz help in getting broadcast packets over VPN.

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