MySQL (WAMP) will not start on VPN Server

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MySQL (WAMP) will not start on VPN Server

Post by KaledDavros » Wed Oct 14, 2020 11:41 am

The Subject says it all really. I have the Softether VPN server installed on a PC which also contains MySQL as part of the WAMP package. MySQL starts fine, if I start it first and then the VPN server after, but MySQL won't start if the VPN server is already running.

I am able to ping the VPN server from my VPN client using the IP assigned to my client from the Softether Virtual DHCP server, but even if I start MySQL first, I cannot make a connection. I should add that I have disabled all firewalls whilst I work this out.

Anybody have any experience of this? I have seen another post here:


which talks about installing a TAP adapter on the server using the Softether client, and binding MySQL to that adapter, which I can do, but the post doesn't say much else. My DB server needs to stay accessible to other PCs on it's network (192.168.1.x) aswell as be available for remote clients connecting through Softether.

I still don't know why MySQL won't start though.

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