VPN to LAN help

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VPN to LAN help

Post by chrome020 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 10:33 pm

Here is what I'm trying todo...

I have a windows box in the cloud with softether VPN installed, and HUB running

I wanna connect to it via VPN and be able to ping my other boxes on the same network through the tunnel...

I setup a local bridge lets say the LAN IP of the VPN server is and I VPN into the Softher VPN server, now on the same network I have another box I wanna be able to mange remotely once I establish a VPN connection but when I ping it remotely it does not work or when I attpemt to open an SSH connection it doesn't work. what am I missing here? I enabled local bridge. how do I set this up so I can access all the other boxes on the LAN network? I basiclly wanna establish a LAN SSH connection but remotely

so client tunnle ------> to VPN windows server (softehter) ----------> LAN and other resources

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Re: VPN to LAN help

Post by centeredki69 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:02 am

Using "local Bridge" would work in normal network configurations. BUT Cloud Based Servers are Virtual machines. For the SE "Local bridge" feature to work with a Virtual machine requires promiscuous mode /Mac spoofing. However, promiscuous mode /Mac spoofing is not allowed by most cloud VPS services providers. You might try disabling "local Bridge" and using the "secureNAT" SecureNAT creates a separate Virtual network behind the host network.
Traffic Flow: VPN clients---->SecureNat (192.168.30.x this can be changed)----> Cloud Hosted network with server and resources (10.0.0.X)----> internet ( if allowed)

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