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VirtualBox Issue - When a VM is running clients lose internet connectivity

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:13 pm
by oweux
Hello and thank you in advance.

We have been using SoftEther for a long time and under different environments.

An issue that we have encountered is that after installing and running a VirtualBox VM clients will still connect but are unable to access the remote network and lose internet connectivity. Users get an APIPA address (Clients and Server are Microsoft) on the VPN adapter. VMs are all linux.

When we turn off the last of the VMs, clients are again able to access the remote network and internet through the VPN.

None of the VMs is running DHCP and we have also modified the Network Card Metric value on the Windows Server running SoftEther.

seems like something on VirtualBox is only activated when a VM is running which in turn breaks routing. Any ideas?

Again, Thanks for taking a look at this post. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!!