RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition over SoftEther VPN

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RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition over SoftEther VPN

Post by wa3scm » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:59 am

Over Christmas I was at my daughters home and successfully connected both of our (W10) laptops to her LAN then successfully ran RealFlight 8HH on each computer. Finally we used one computer to Host a multiplayer session on the LAN and used the other computer to Join the session. We were able to fly a little, crash a lot, and verify either computer could successfully Host a LAN multiplayer session.

Now I am at my home and we have successfully Hosted and Joined each others RealFlight 8HH multiplayer sessions over the internet. I am thinking it would be more secure if we used SoftEther to create a VPN to Host/Join RealFlight 8HH multiplayer sessions. We would also have the added benefit of simple means to exchange files and photos. So far we have not been successful creating a Host/Join RealFlight 8HH multiplayer session over the SoftEther VPN. Can you see why?

I have a desktop (XP) running SoftEther server on my LAN with workgroup BACKYARD. I have a laptop (W10) running SoftEther client on my LAN with workgroup BACKYARD. My client connects to the server and is issued an ip address by the server. My LAN is behind a Linksys EA6350 router with only port 443 open, cable modem to the internet
My daughter is running SoftEther client on her laptop (W10) with workgroup BACKYARD on her LAN behind a Netgear 93 router to the internet. That client can connect to my server and is issued an ip address by the server.
I can view the issued client ip addresses from the server via Server Manager Connect Localhost/Manage Sessions/ip address table list. We can both see each others computers via Windows/explorer/network, and can see each others public folders & files.

My research says we need a TCP/IP LAN which is what I thought SoftEther gave us but I am missing something?

The RealFlight 8HH manual says,
"There are two ways to link up (multiplayer session) with the additional pilots: via a LAN (Local Area Network), or over the internet. In order to do so, you will need a TCP/IP connection either through your LAN or an ISP (Internet Service Provider)."
"For RealFlight 8 multiplayer gaming, by default the following port ranges must be forwarded to the client IP under the UDP traffic protocol:
61234-61241" , (if located behind a router these must be port forwarded)

It seems to me that RealFlight 8HH in multiplayer Host mode is broadcasting to my LAN instead of my VPN. How to I prove or disprove that assumption and how do I force it to use the VPN instead of the LAN?

Thank you for your help resolving this issue.
Dave Slater

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Re: RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition over SoftEther VPN

Post by thisjun » Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:43 am

I think the game tries to find a peer by broadcast.
However, the game may broadcast to physical LAN.
So, the game fails to find the peer.
Please specify the IP address to connect host in the game.

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