Change global ipv4 address

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Change global ipv4 address

Post by juloo1 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:06 pm

Hi , so i installed softether vpn on ubuntu everything working fine but ! On my server i have 2 ethernet card with 2 different external IP , With a PIA VPN inside the server connected 24/7 . So softether vpn have the ip of the ''PIA'' . I want to know if its possible to select one of the Ethernet card to have one of these as global ipv4 address to access the server outside .. I tested without the PIA and with 1 ethernet card and its work well ! . But i need all these card working with the PIA VPN too . So Can I select a ''primary'' card for external IP !! thats my question !!

Thank you so much

cmd wh0ami
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Re: Change global ipv4 address

Post by cmd wh0ami » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:49 pm

How did you set up the connection? Using Virtual NAT and Virtual DHCP server in the Virtual Hub? or did you set up a bridge to one of your cards? wlan0, eth0, ect...

I'm guessing Ubuntu running SoftEther is at your house behind NAT?

If you used enabled Secure NAT in Virtual NAT and Virtual DHCP inside of the Virtual hub it probably cant change it... But if you disable Virtual NAT and Virtual DHCP and select a Local Bridge setting you can pick the interface you want to use with the Virtual Hub. If you do that and your behind NAT your router will handle the DHCP functions.
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