Please Help Me with NAT-T.

Post your questions about SoftEther VPN software here. Please answer questions if you can afford.
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Please Help Me with NAT-T.

Post by balegrim » Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:31 pm

Hi! I'm sorry to post here with more questions but I evidently have a lot to learn.

I built a raspberry pi and installed the softether VPN server and assigned it a ddns. I was able to use a cellular hotspot to connect a laptop computer to my home network through the firewall without any problems, simulating a client connection from outside the network.

My goal is to be able to take the pi-vpn-server behind any firewall and remotely connect to the network I plug it into from my work computer as a client. My client (work) computer has a host of tools and utilities for programming IP devices on the networks I am attempting to access remotely and dynamically without any need to port forward as I'm contracting. "Plug this in and I can access what I need" type of situation.

The problem I run into is that the PI-VPN-server fails to traverse other NATS. Teamviewer and other programs are able to succeed where the VPN server fails. Why is this? What ports can I use that won't be blocked? Is there a way to set these up by hosting my own server at work that will allow me to connect to my pi server from any computer like team viewer? I need advice for a nearly unblockable (like team viewer) VPN solution which I can setup and manage myself.

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Re: Please Help Me with NAT-T.

Post by thisjun » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:48 am

Did you try VPN Azure?

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