Help getting site to site bridge with VPN working

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Re: Help getting site to site bridge with VPN working

Post by Railtracer » Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:44 pm

I do find your configuration to be a bit confusing.

If you follow this configuration tutorial for a LAN to LAN bridge you will have the basic config for a functioning layer 2 bridge through a server to server cascade connection between two LANs. One thing I always encourage is having two physical NICS for each softether server

You seem to be working with two LANs that are on the same subnet.

If I can get caught up on your network layout and your intentions I might be able to help out.

It sounds like you might have a functioning cascade connection already, can you confirm that in the virtual hubs session manager on either Site A or B servers?

So are you wanting to have machines in site A pull IP addresses from the DHCP server in site B? Is there no DHCP server in site A already? Keep in mind if you have a device in site A pull an ip from a DHCP server in site B it will inherit whatever gateway and DNS settings from site B, and will probably route its internet through that device as well. It may not do what you actually want it to do.

Besides explaining your layout as clear as possible, it may also help if you explain exactly what your end goal here is. Your DHCP design seems strange to me. Most LAN's have DHCP servers, so its very important to know if site A has one or not, as there are issues with having two DHCP servers on the same physical LAN, which a softether layer 2 link behaves like logically. Let me know what else you can tell me, I am sure some us here can get you where you need to go.

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