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Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:29 am
by Nt_setvwy
How to connect to VPN more stably?

1. Most routers have several ports, it is necessary to do port isolation (because my router has 4 ports, so only one port works in the three-layer mode, and all the others are set to two-layer ports to achieve the same as other ports) , Turn off the lCP function, turn off ALG, turn off the unpn function, the actual measurement of these functions have an impact on the stability of the vpn connection.
2. Replace the main network equipment with those not produced in mainland China (optical modems and routers are replaced), because the implementation of the application will find that the equipment will play a role of mutual whistleblowing, which may also cause the vpn to be cut off. It is also a reason to advocate port isolation
3. After doing this, you will find that the vpn connection is much more stable.

1,路由器大多有好 几 个口,有必要做端口隔离(因为我的路由器有 4个口,所以只让一个口工作在三层模式,其它的全部设为二层端口,就达到与其它端口),关闭lCP功能,关闭ALG,关闭unpn功能,实测这些功能对 vpn的连接稳定性有影响。
3,这些做了,你会发现 vpn连接稳定多了。