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Post by prajaybasu » Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:22 am

I want to write an app to connect to VPN Gate VPN Servers, especially one that is open source (currently I cannot find the source code for the VPN Gate plugin anywhere).
The VPN Gate CSV API currently only sends a base64 encoded OpenVPN configuration file and does not mention anything about the other protocols supported by that server. I want to connect to VPN Gate servers using the OS native clients and I would like to exclude servers that don't support all protocols from the list. I need to parse the HTML table for that information currently.

Also, the CSV API returns a very long Base64 encoded OpenVPN file which has around ~100 lines of placeholder text. Removing the text can reduce payload size by approximately 50%.

I wonder if the API will ever be updated or open sourced. It's running on IIS and a very old version of ASP.NET, it can definitely reduce the request size by 50% if the dummy data is removed and can serve requests much faster on HTTP/2 with brotli compression if the API gets updated to ASP.NET Core. I would be happy to volunteer. I think running on Linux with a low payload size would definitely reduce operational costs.

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