Not listed on the public VPN relay server list

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Not listed on the public VPN relay server list

Post by xdanthemanx » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:38 am

Hi everyone

I would like to share my Internet connection in Singapore via VPN Gate. However, my computer does not appear on the public VPN relay server list. I have configured all settings according to, forwarded UDP ports 500 and 4500 from my router and my VPN server is accessible from the outside by both its IP address and Dynamic DNS hostname (I tried connecting using my phone on HSDPA network).

I am wondering if my VPN server is not appearing in the list because it does not have a dynamic DNS hostname as shown in the list and ... /en/13.jpg. My dynamic DNS hostname is the one shown in the image attached, with a hostname. I am not sure how to get a hostname and it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me resolve this problem.

[NOTE]: Strangely, the VPN server settings at ... /en/10.jpg shows a current DDNS Hostname with though but not in its Dynamic DNS Settings.[/NOTE]

I look forward to sharing Internet connection with VPN Gate!
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Re: Not listed on the public VPN relay server list

Post by Anonymous108 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:34 pm

I'm not sure about your problem. but I have similar one. I installed vpn-server, when installed - checked all the checkboxes to have full access to network etc (though risky), still after install my server is not on the list. but maybe it is not a problem. you can advertise your server in other way think. maybe on forum like this.
and I think you have to test. I'll try to do it myself. I just that there are many options so maybe if you don't set one carefully, it can make opposite rsult (work or not). and I think we just have to know exactly what we are doing - what kind of server we want to make - so it will work. I just wanted to know what is this vpn - I tired to connect ot few free vpns with/wo pass - it worked good. then tried to make own server - to see how it works - but there are many options and manual on website is not clear but quite for advanced uses. it is best if they expalian how to do it in video - from install to final install - with all tests - pings, all the videos. screenshots are not enough.
p.s. why do you want to be listed? I think they list only the most visited and some special servers. yours probably can appear there is ir passes some of their tests i think. automatically or manually. if it didn't passed then it doesn't appear on list i think so. why not also try another vpn server program? or did you try to make just a proxy server - it is easier than vpn i think... no encryption etc.

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