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LAN to LAN VPN (Layer 3)

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:19 am
by minglam27
i am new this products. would someone please advise if I would like to setup "LAN to LAN VPN (Layer 3), seems I will need setup an VPN Server in a Central Hub (or Head office). then in each branch I will need setup a VPN bridge, as well as the VPN Client that made use this VPN Bridge to Head office. my question is, if the remote office come with only ONE machine, should the VPN Bridge and VPN Client being installed together?

P.S. my goal is to have different remote office can talk to each other with VPN. and some of this office has only ONE machine.


Re: LAN to LAN VPN (Layer 3)

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:25 am
by jennylove
This can be done using Ethernet-over-IP (EoIP). But extending a layer 2 domain like this isn't a good idea.

Re: LAN to LAN VPN (Layer 3)

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:27 am
by jennylove
It is very advisable to use a separate subnets at the two locations in order to avoid broadcast traffic over the VPN tunnel. As long as you have routes between the subnets on both ends, you will be able to reach all devices and printers at either location. You can either set up the VPN between your routers according to the types of VPN, or set up a VPN server behind the router at your main location, and then connect to it from remote location.