By women, for women

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By women, for women

Post by marieprom » Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:21 am

This Zonta Club is the Makati arm of the global organization Zonta International, which aims to empower women through various projects and scholarship projects.

A press launch last week presented some of the artists and designers and what they will feature in the bazaar: for example, jewelry designer Ann Ong’s organic figures in gold, as well as her collection in driftwood. Alchemista by Georgina Ong will present a collaboration with artist Charming Baldemor, who will in turn show a collection of clutches executed in salvaged wood. According to owner Georgina Ong, their brand will feature jewelry incorporating Filipino fabrics and weaves.

Also participating in the fair is fashion designer Boysie Villavicencio, who has recently gone into painting, mostly with canvasses showing underwater scenes. “The things that you see under the sea are definitely more colorful than the ones you see on land,” he said.

Another featured artist is Ronna Manansala, granddaughter of National Artist for Visual Arts Vicente Manansala. Her paintings feature ballerinas in various poses, with her saying, “I do a lot of ballerinas because as a little girl, it was a dream. But we couldn’t afford it at the time, so I guess now, it’s all coming out in my paintings.” In this series, she incorporates lace fabric in her paintings after the oil paints have dried.

Proceeds from the FilipinaZ fair are earmarked for various projects of the Zonta Club, which Maritess Pineda, Committee Chair for FilipinaZ, was happy to talk about. The proceeds will go to four of the group’s projects, namely the charitable efforts in Marillac Hills (National Training School for the Girls), a scholarship program, a livelihood program, and the Bravo Empowered Women Awards. Marillac Hills is a haven for battered women and abused girls, housing about 200 to 300 young women who have faced these circumstances. According to Ms. Pineda, they fund two psychologists to “take care” of them. As for the scholarship program, the club chooses about 10-20 deserving female students, mostly taking up Engineering in college, who would not otherwise be able to pay for their fifth year in school. In addition to that, the club helps place these scholars in companies once they have graduated. As for the Bravo awards, the organization awards outstanding women from varied fields, from education to politics, every two years.

The livelihood programs are something a bit more special: while women are taught various skills, from sewing to giving therapeutic massages, during the launch, Ms. Pineda rose from her seat and modeled handbags made of newspaper, varnished and painted to look like scarves and tops that they give the women in their communities to copy.

Last year, according to Ms. Pineda, the fair was able to raise more than a million pesos. She also said that this year’s fair is different from the past FilipinaZ fairs by paring down its choices: last year, the selections included home decor and furniture, but this year, the focus is on art, jewelry, and fashion. “We want to be... different from all the other shows that have been popular,” she said. “We noticed [that] the Zontians and the women were so fond of jewelry.”

Ms. Pineda notes that many of the participants of the fair will be women, though there will be some men. “I noticed that even if it’s the project [by] men, the support facilities are still the women.”

There is a message to be seen in a fair that is dedicated to women, and then organized mostly by women. Ms. Pineda said, “I think the message is, the women in our country really are the moving force of the economy. Whether it’s a real business or the underground economy, it’s still the women who make it work.”Read more at: |

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Re: By women, for women

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i love women :D

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