Linux Client Configuration

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Linux Client Configuration

Post by riccardoprandini01 » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:42 am

Hi I have done:

1) A small server at home based on raspi where I have compiled and configured a local vpn.
2)Configured it via GUI using ReactOS (I can't belive it works).
3)I have LocalBridge that connect vitual hub with phisical card.

This is the guide where I took idea and code ... erry-pi-2/
but also those are very useful was ... er-on-vps/ ... al-bridge/

My network is
I have a Router with DHCP at
I am behind double NAT network and this is not so great so i use vpnazure


I need:
1) The devices works remotely as connected locally to the LAN I have mobile Internet WIFI key or thetering phone.
2) The possibilities of the devices to connect also as local in the LAN (without messing up all)
3) The ability to navigate via Internet using (preferentially no vpn but real interface)

So what I have done

In Debian Laptop i have
1) make vpnclient
2) via vpncmd
2.1) Created a NIC niccreate
2.2) Created an account
2.3) Set the password
2.4) Start the connection.

And OK it say connected. Also the server say connected.

So i have this situation when in VPN
wls5 wireles of laptop connected to the phone then to the internet
inet brd scope global dynamic wls5

2)vpn_test1 the nic created by softether
no ip assigned

Now I can ping my vpnazure.

ip route show

default via dev wls5 proto static metric 600 dev wls5 proto kernel scope link src metric 600

Now I can see if I am really connected

sudo dhclient vpn_test1

now i have an IP assigned by dhcp remote router

ip a

vpn_test1 the nic created by softether
inet brd scope global vpn_test1

It looks like OK but.........................................suddenly

1) accountlist shows vpn in Connecting status
2) dns can't resolve anything
3) traceroute / ping go nowhere
4) ip route show

default via dev vpn_test1
default via dev wls5 proto static metric 600 dev vpn_test1 proto kernel scope link src dev wls5 proto kernel scope link src metric 600

So I think that system try to resolve vpnazure thru the vpn itself and it goes down

if I do accountdisconnect and account connect it vpn keep the status connecting

if i do
ip addr flush dev vpn_test1
route become clear
I can do a disconnect and reconnect and it works return at the point before dhclient.

some ideas reading around.

1)create a TUN on the server a private DHCP on the server and a routing rule between TUN and real network?
2)Create a specific configuration on each client?

I think the first is the better because I can create 2 TUN 2 VirtualHUB.
The first can issue via DNS the info to use client resource to navigate in internet and vpn to reach a range of ip.
The second can issue to use VPN for each resolution exept the endpoint of vpnazure.

Is this possible.

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Re: Linux Client Configuration

Post by thisjun » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:21 am

>default via dev vpn_test1

This configuration is not good.
You don't need it.

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Re: Linux Client Configuration

Post by qupfer » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:06 pm

I set vpnclient to auto-connect and use this bash script

qupfer@yogaarch ~ % cat
sudo vpnclient start
sleep 1
sudo dhcpcd -B -G -C resolv.conf vpn_vpn #stops with ctrl+c
sudo vpnclient stop

Other solution should be to add a static route to your vpn-server. I think your problem is, that your system tries to send the encrypted vpn traffic through the vpn because you got a new default route which point to the vpn tunnel endpoint.

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Re: Linux Client Configuration

Post by kolkataqueen16 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:03 pm

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