VPN Server crashes Windows Server on connection

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VPN Server crashes Windows Server on connection

Post by affinitytc » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:29 pm

Hi all,

Here's the obligatory "Sorry if this already exists, but I couldn't find it in search." We are running SEVPN Server v4.27 on a Server 2012 Essentials x64 machine. It's running a NIC Team with the virtual adapter bound to said Team. We have the same setup on a couple of other servers, though the hardware may be a bit different (IBM x3650).

What's happening is that, upon connection attempt from a client, the SEVPN Server immediately allows for connection. After that, it begins the normal attempt to assign a dynamic IP from the local DHCP Server (for the record, the Windows Server is not running DHCP Server services; the local gateway is handling it). No IP gets assigned, the box disappears after a bit, and then the SEVPN Client begins attempting to reconnect. We determined after a few of these that it is actually forcing the Windows Server to reboot itself.

Also, the gateway handling the DHCP Server services is one of those shaky Ubiquiti Unified Security Gateway rigs.

Thank you!

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Re: VPN Server crashes Windows Server on connection

Post by thisjun » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:05 am

Could you show the VPN server configuration and log?

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