What Should I do When Hotmail Account Got Blocked

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What Should I do When Hotmail Account Got Blocked

Post by simmigravey » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:20 am

Hotmail is the better source to do communication.It gives you the better space for storing data and have endless qualities.It has several settings that can be changed anytime and have number of new features.People may find it applicable to manage all the confidential emails that should not be leaked.It has all required qualities that needs to be in an email but there are number of threats that can’t be ignored.To avoid such scenarios,there is need to reach customer service team of Hotmail.

There are number of issues that has been solved by Hotmail customer service team.Here,individual can see the solution of that:

How the user may resolve blocked error in Hotmail?
For resolving this problem,there is need to change the password for the Hotmail account.Here, are the steps:
It is first required to login to the account
There is need to press the gear icon to access “Settings”
From the “Menu”,there is need to select “More Mail settings”
To access the language menu,there is need to tap “Account Details”
Tap the option of “Change Password”
There is need to enter old and new password into the text fields
Select the option of “Save” button
Now, the problem will get resolve

People who still need help for the above given technical hassle,it is required to connect with support team by using toll free number.It would connect individual with live technicians who are quite capable to understand everything.When the user will dial helpline number, they will be in direct contact of the tech experts.Account holders could also take help for other Hotmail categorical threats.Individual could even use email and chat process for contacting the technical team but it will be better to contact the support team by using phone number.When the user will take help from live technician, user will be charged with certain amount of fee that is quite easy to pay.There are circumstances when users will not be satisfied through the solution, they are not liable to pay any money.

http://www.tracingpage.com/internet/hot ... ort-number

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