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usps tracking

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USPS Tracking
When you ship a package with the USPS, USPS Tracking allows you to track your shipment at any point after the item has been sent. In most cases, USPS Tracking is free when you use a shipping label to print postage for your package. If you use a mailing label or NetStamp for your postage, you will need to use Label 400 and pay an additional fee. ... -usps.html

USPS Tracking with a Shipping Label

In most cases, when you print a shipping label for a package with, you will automatically receive USPS Tracking free of charge. Note that First Class Large Envelope will not include USPS Tracking. To do this:

Click Packages in the left navigation bar in the software or Print Postage in the top navigation bar of the website.
Enter the addresses, mailpiece info, and mail class.
In the Tracking drop-down, select "USPS Tracking".
With USPS Tracking you can drop your item in any mail collection box, hand it to your letter carrier, a retail clerk, or schedule a free USPS pickup.
USPS Tracking with a NetStamp or Mailing Label (Label 400 Tracking)

When you use a NetStamp or mailing label to ship a package, there isn't enough room on the label to print a USPS Tracking barcode. This limitation means that you will need to select USPS Tracking as an add-on service and pay an extra free, in order to ship a package using these label types. For this reason, we always recommend using a shipping label to ship your packages.

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